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Here's the author's story behind the video cited in the posting below: The author, Chris Chandler, explains that he is a traveling musician. He has performed the song of this video in various places across America. Concerning audience reaction to this song, he writes: "Nothing illustrates to me more, my friends, that we are at a tipping point. People are hungry for an antiwar message. The general population is – not just the guys with fashionable black bandanas around their faces." I couldn't agree more. I too believe that we are imminently approaching an epochal tipping point. However, I would amend Mr. Chandler's comments slightly, to add that the Far Left does not sit alone at this tipping point. As I've written elsewhere, we in the Far Left share that space with -- gulp -- the Far Right. So, as the song goes, c'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now (and agree to disagree on certain non-critical subjects).

[posted: 08/18/05]

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