Peter Savich

Hi. I'm Peter Savich. This is my personal home page.

Here is the website for the consulting business that I started up in late 2007:

Jack Polymath

Here is the website for a patent brokerage at which I've served as a Managing Director since 2013:

Aqua Licensing LLC

Here is a (defunct) website that I started developing in January 2007 (and wound down in April 2012):

YOUscription - Your body, your mind, your health

Here is the blog that I started in December 2003 — which, 17 years in advance, predicted the People vs Corporations struggle that became obvious to all by 2020 — and that I migrated to WordPress in 2005:

Splitting Hairs

Here is a hypothesis that I started developing in the early 2000s:

Personality and the Brain: A hacker's journey through the Enneagram and the emerging brain research

If that ain't enough for you, go ahead and Google me.

Wanna talk? Email me at: psavich "at"