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Better Late Than Never

Sixteen days after my rant below about Google not having crawled my site yet, they finally got around to doing just that. Spooky coincidence? I dunno. The logs for my site show only 80-something unique users during the month of July. Could one of those users have been a Google employee who rang a bell over there? I doubt it. Probably just a coincidence. But for whatever the reason they finally crawled my site, it's looking like they're doing a pretty sweet job of it. Today, the search for "people vs. corporations" on Google returns my analysis page precisely on that topic as the #1 result. Seems a highly relevant choice from my site. As for Yahoo Search, today it returns a non-existent link and a tangential page fragment from my site as the #4 and #5 results for that query. Not exactly relevant. So props to Google.

[posted: 07/29/05]

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