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Small is Beautiful ... in Tech?!

A fellow named Jason Fried of 37signals just gave a brief talk at the conference. His company and approach was chosen as the best "Web 2.0" example -- i.e. best example of what is to come on the web. The theme of his talk? "Small is beautiful." As you may know, I've written about "small is beautiful" here. My experiences during the first ten years of the Internet taught that all efforts in this domain were dedicated to large and fast. I discovered the beauty and power of small and slow pruning olive trees on a Greek island while taking time off during the height of the Internet mania. Yet here was this guy advocating small (if not slow) in the context of Web 2.0. Very interesting. Earlier, I said that I felt like a fish out of water in this Tech industry. Yet given what I wrote earlier during this conference about the web's march toward self reliance, it would seem that this particular fish is now back swimming. Could it be that more people are waking up to some of the thoughts in this obscure blog? Time will tell.

[posted: 10/06/05]

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