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The Weiner Nation Gets it Right

I'm predicting that during Mr. Bush's second term, Left will meet Right in America. When I say Left and and Right, I mean far Left and far Right. I suppose it pegs me squarely on the far Left to say I believe that America's military engagements in the Middle East are driven primarily by the interests of what Mr. Eisenhower called the "military industrial complex". Well as such, I was feeling a little disgusted over the past year with NPR, and its cozy relationship with the world's leading producer of high fructose corn syrup (I'll have much more to say on that in the analysis section). Anyway, disgusted with NPR, I figured I'd spend my commute time listening instead to a reactionary Clear Channel radio station in the Bay Area called "Talk 910 KNEW". In particular, I've been listening to a show called "The Savage Nation". This show is hosted by an angry Jewish fellow named Michael Weiner who presents himself as a white, heterosexual, Christian, conservative, male. Mr. Weiner fills his shows with diatribes against virtually all human forms that are non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Christian, non-conservative, or non-male (except, of course, he's all for conservative Jewish folks). The term "reactionary" does not quite do justice to Mr. Weiner. He says Mr. Bush is a liberal, and he argues that liberalism is a mental disease. Well, needless to say, I usually find myself in disagreement with Mr. Weiner on one or more of his observations on any given day. Listening to his show is sort of like lifting weights. If you're a progressive, and you can intently listen to his show while keeping your blood pressure on an even keel, then you can listen to anything. So today, after his usual diatribe against Mexicans and the "liberal" Bush administration, Mr. Weiner went after Big Pharm. He even advocated holistic medicine. Given that, he's probably harboring a few rants about food additives like HFCS, trans fatty acids, and MSG. Well, hey now! What do you say about that? The scourge of Big Pharm and Big Food is a main pillar of this whole blog. And to think I'll be able to cite poor, chubby, frightened Michael Weiner as a supporter of these radical "Left" views of mine! This is what I meant when I said the far Left will meet far Right. What's next? The Green Party linking up with the Nazi Green Party? Um, well, actually, I have some thoughts on that score ...

[posted: 12/02/04]

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