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This page attempts to check the "pulse" of public consciousness of this site's thesis. Toward that end, this page provides links to web services that reveal what is on the minds of their users. Specifically, these links reveal what is on the minds of these users with respect to the word "corporations". Think of this page as a master Rorschach test in which:

Now, Wikipedia's definition of "corporation" and that of confirm that the word has no inherent normative (i.e. positive or negative) quality. Conventionally speaking, it is a neutral word.

However, for a certain segment of the population, this otherwise neutral word has acquired a pejorative character. I believe that this segment of people more or less "gets" the Duck! and Gather point of view.

Accordingly, I have organized the sites below according to the whether their users "get it", "sort of get it", or "don't get it".



As of February 2, 2006, users of the following sites seemed to ...

"Get It"


Strongly get it. Tags "related" to "corporations" are: greed · capitalism · globalization · activism.

PodcastPickle (you need to type "corporations" into the search box)

Strongly get it. In adddition to my podcast, The Rude Guy and Turn Off Your TV pop up.

"Sort of Get It"


Some photos yes; others no.


Most postings seem to be a "yes". But check out the "related" tags: Public Relations, Health, Media, Marketing, Government, Politics.


Some podcasts yes; others no.

"Don't Get It"

"Common tags" are: business, blog, blogging, design, corporate, software, blogs, politics, news, web, tools, media, hardware, activism, marketing, security, music, humor, reference, technology, branding, economics, identity, art, rss. In the spirit of "Where's Waldo?", did you pick out the lone "get it" tag in this long list?

In addition, here is the six month trend of mentions of the word "corporations" in blogs:


Not on the minds of many people.


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