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Democratic Malaise

Presently, it's easy to find Democrats gleefully reporting on the demise of Mr. Bush's approval ratings. But if those numbers are going down, shouldn't the corresponding numbers for the Democratic Party be going up? Politics in America is a zero-sum game, no? Well, back to the same Democrats, we find that:

[There exists] an appetite for change [within America] and [therefore, Democrats would like to think,] a clear opening for the Democrats. The problem, as the DCorps report notes, is that voters still cannot bring themselves to be very enthusiastic about the Democrats--their favorability and thermometer ratings differ little from Republicans' at this point. That's because, while voters want real and substantial change, they still don't see the Democrats as being the party of such change. [emphasis added]

So it would seem the Democrats are not getting the rise from Mr. Bush's fall. But if not the Democrats, then who or what is getting that bump? I dunno, but my hunch is that a political party that could be formed at the intersection of the positions of the far Left and far Right on Kelo would get that bump. Call it, perhaps, the "Party of Responsibility". Or maybe it would be the Green Party, minus the civil rights agenda (i.e. strike, or least pipe down on, #2, #7, and #8). Or equivalently, the Nazi Green Party, minus the civil wrongs agenda (ie. strike, or at least pipe down on, #2, #5, #6, and #7). Or maybe even the Libertarian Party, spiced up with a little sista- and brotha- hood. Well, whatever that elusive chimerical party is, it doesn't seem to be the Democrats. As I'm predicting, they seem headed for a hard landing.

[posted: 06/24/05]

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