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The Party of Responsibility

So maybe you thought I was kidding when I said below that Kelo serves as a bridge between the Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Nazi Green Party. OK, so maybe you were right about the Nazi Green Party bit. I just thought that anytime one could cite the Nazis for something sane, that might be interesting. But I searched the Nazi Green Party web site today and couldn't find any mention of Kelo. Instead, I found just a bunch of tired ranting about white folks and Jewish people. So that's it. That's the last time I mention those characters. But check out the other two parties. The Green Party has announced its position on Kelo, and so has the Libertarian Party. Well, the Libertarians did beat the Greens by five days. But better late then never. Both parties are outraged by the Kelo decision. I'm telling you: a new political party could formed by the intersection of the Greens and Libertarians. I call it the "Party of Responsibility" for reasons I'll explain later. But, the platform of that party would be the Green Party Ten Values (minus #2, #7, and #8) plus the Libertarian Platform (minus those items that ignore that we people are connected to each other and to our environment, and that, from time to time, not often, those connections supercede the pure individualist stance). When I have more time, I'll take a crack at defining a unified platform.

[posted: 06/29/05]

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