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Greens: 'corporate ... versus ... people'

In the posting below, I cite the Green Party's press release on Kelo. That press release includes following quote from the party: "We clearly need a new spectrum to describe politics -- dedication to corporate power versus dedication to the rights of people and the health of the environment." [emphasis added] You see that? "Corporate versus people". Or, equivalently, People vs. Corporations. In fact, if you now search for "People vs. Corporations", you get plenty of pages in the results -- beyond the pages of this blog -- using that phrase and discussing this topic. Back in December 2003 when I started this blog, I did a search for that phrase and could finally hardly anybody mentioning it. So it seems that we've got a little bit of rising consciousness on the march. Of course, it's not enough yet to register a pulse on blogpulse. But stay tuned ...

[posted: 06/30/05]

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