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People vs. Corporations

People vs. Corporations

The collections of postings on this page contain my current analysis which concludes that during Mr. Bush's second presidential term, a crisis will begin in America. This crisis, I argue, will be as dangerous to the survival of America as were previous crises, including World War II, the Great Depression, the Civil War, and the American Revolution. Further, this analysis concludes that the impending crisis will involve a struggle for America between People and Corporations.

The Fourth Turning predicts People vs. Corporations

  1. Answering the Fourth Turning
  2. People v. Corporations means what?
  3. I'm a mixed breed; I'll bet you are too We're part-person, part-Corporation
  4. The Fourth Turning theory
  5. Social phases in America identified by Fourth Turning
  6. The meaning of "America" emerges from America's crises
  7. The Big American Tent gets bigger every crisis
  8. The "War on Terrorism" isn't the next American Crisis
  9. An interesting pattern in the Fourth Turning: awakenings predict crises
  10. Which major ideas from the Sixties stuck? Civil rights, feminism, and greenism.
  11. Which major idea from the Sixties failed miserably? It's the Corporations, stupid
  12. What makes our generation so "smart"? Smaller worlds; history speeding up
  13. "Calling" September 11 You really should read the Fourth Turning.

Corporations Who Kill

  1. Corporate Good: private social benefits and costs
  2. Corporate Irresponsibility -- mob rule
  3. Corporations are Alien Life Forms (irresponsible anaerobic organisms that feed on money, to be exact)
  4. Life Forms Have Survival Instincts
  5. Corporate Lyin', Cheatin', Stealin', Killin'
  6. Corporate Lyin', Cheatin', Stealin', Killin' (cont'd)
  7. Scale, Speed, Recurring Revenue, Monopoly
  8. Invasion of the Body (Politic) Snatchers
  9. Even Baby Aliens are Cute
  10. Corporations on the Side of the People
  11. We're On Our Own

Other Chicken Littles


Flash Points of this Crisis

  1. Peasants' Revolt of 1381: precursor to the coming crisis
  2. TBD

We're On Our Own

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