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Duck! and Gather: Predictions

Predictions for January 20, 2005-January 19, 2009

The following predictions, which are based on the analysis contained in this site, are for Mr. Bush's second presidential term. In other words, I'm predicting that these circumstances will come to pass sometime between January 20, 2005 and January19, 2009.

Prediction 9: Barack Obama Will Win in 2008

In November 2008, Barack Obama will be elected as the 44th President of the United States.


[posted: 12/25/06]

Prediction 8: "Word-of-Mouth Agents" Will be Assaulted

More than one "Word-of-mouth agent" will be physically assaulted by targets who have become aware of their duplicitous intent.


[posted: 12/05/04]

Prediction 7: Crude at $100; Gold at $1000

The North Sea Brent crude oil spot price will hit $100/barrel; the Kitco 24 hour spot gold (bid) price will hit $1000/ounce.


[posted: 12/04/04]

Prediction 6: Pandemic

A pandemic won't spare America. A surprising number will die. The story will dominate major news headlines for at least two weeks.


[posted: 11/29/04]

Prediction 5: Red Won't Receive 270 Electoral Votes in '08

The Republicans won't receive over 50% of the available electoral votes in 2008. Neither will the Democrats (as we know them today). Beyond that, I have no idea.


[posted: 11/29/04]

Prediction 4: Red Media, Red Court

At least two of three Big Old Media (ABC, CBS, NBC) will replace their "liberal" anchors (Messrs. Jennings, Rather, and Brokaw) with "conservative" commentators and news readers; Supreme Court cases will be decided by majorities that consistently include Justices Scalia and Thomas.


[posted: 11/27/04]

Prediction 3: Left Meets Right

The American far Left (sensitive to Corporations pursuing world domination) and far Right (sensitive to governments pursuing world domination) will realize their common ground, and link up politically, if not necessarily socially.


[posted: 11/15/04]

Prediction 2: Open Source Campaign

At the local, state, or national level, a politician will run and win an election campaign refusing to accept any money donations, and instead will accept only in-kind donations (e.g. rides to the next campaign stop, web development and hosting, etc.).


[posted: 11/13/04]

Prediction 1: Democrat Demise

The Democratic Party will either go the way of the Whigs, or undergo a profound metamorphosis whereby the current leadership of the party (DNC, the Clintons, U.S. Senators, etc.) is replaced with anti-Corporate leadership.


[posted: 11/13/04]
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